Hello! Welcome to my website. I received my PhD in Classics from the University of Southern California in 2016. I currently teach at Grand Valley State University; I will take up a position as Visiting Assistant Professor at The College of Wooster in January. My research focuses on representations of divine speech in Greek and especially Latin literature. You can see my CV here and a short description of my primary research interests here.

I have taught Greek and Latin at multiple levels and a range of general education courses. Although my research leans towards the Roman side, I love teaching Greek literature as well, especially Plato and Greek tragedy, in the original language. I am passionate about cultivating the skills of literary and cultural analysis that I use in my research in the classroom.

I am also the host of the podcast Itinera, in which I interview classicists about how they got to where they are. The second season will start in January of 2019. The Itinera website is coming soon.

My current email is My Twitter handle is @ScottLepisto.