3 Ideas to Help You Relax

I’ll be taking next week off to rest, relax, and focus on personal development. 2020 has been one hell of a year. 

In contrast with most (former) academics I know, I’m definitely not a workaholic. Once I’ve put in my time for the day, I close the laptop and work is OVER. 

But if you need to relax and unwind, here are a few ideas to help you ease into 2021:

Headspace App:

So many people think that you need to be good at clearing your head to be good at meditating. Not true! All you have to do to be good at meditation is to show up consistently. That’s it! Even if you’re constantly pulling your attention from wandering thoughts back to your breath, you’re still doing it right. 

Dynamic Neural Retraining System:

A relatively simple set of mental exercises, Dynamic Neural Retraining can address a variety of puzzling symptoms associated with complex conditions. I tried this for about 6 months and am thinking about taking it up again. It helped diminish a number of food sensitivities. I also noticed a striking boost in my mood. A great way to unwind at the end of the day.

Our Planet and Night on Earth on Netflix:

I don’t care whether you like nature documentaries or not, these are must-sees. In times like these, it’s helpful to pull back and think about the bigger cosmic picture. These documentaries serve as potent reminders of how small we are in the grander scheme of things. 

Here’s to a better year ahead!

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