I’m a ghostwriter and freelance editor.

I used to be a professor of Ancient Greek and Roman Studies. I would dive into subjects as diverse as archaeology, philosophy, history, and linguistics and, not only comprehend them myself, but figure out engaging ways to present them to diverse groups of 18-19 year olds. Often, I only had a few weeks to do this while managing multiple other projects.

In spite of these challenges, I ended up with an average rating of 4.3/5 from my students. I regularly recruited new students to the major. I’m most proud of the fact that students regularly said my teaching inspired their interest in the subject matter.

Because I love to share expert knowledge with others, I developed the podcast Itinera in which I interviewed subject matter experts in Ancient Greece and Rome about how they became interested in the subject. In spite of the niche subject matter, the podcast received over 22,000 downloads and led to speaking engagements and workshops at high schools, national conferences, and universities like Northwestern, Boston University and Harvard.

I use these research, writing, presentation, and interview skills all the time as a ghostwriter. I dive into new subject areas, interview writers to get to know their voices and backgrounds, and package their expertise into clear, compelling content (usually blog posts or books).

So if you need more than a ghostwriter: if you need an expert learner who’s comfortable absorbing huge amounts of new information and deeply researching your subject matter, please be in touch!