On my podcast Itinera, I interviewed a wide range of classicists about the relationship between their lives and work. I found out how my guests became classicists, learned about their approach to research and teaching, discover their major influences, and heard about the chance accidents that led them to where they are today. For instance, in Episode 10, Amy Richlin recounts how her experiences of sexism in the academy led her to identify as a feminist and pursue feminist scholarship that has changed our field. Aspiring classicist Christine Wong describes how studying Greco-Roman religion gave her insight into her own religious background in Episode 8. In Episode 4, Alexis Whalen describes how her personal relationship with her Latin teacher led her to teach Latin as a living language at the high school level. My goal for the podcast was to make the field more accessible through sharing personal narratives.

Other Season 1 guests include Alex Purves, Ellen Finkelpearl, Helen Morales, Christelle Fischer-Bovet, Ichiro Taida, Hannah Čulík-Baird, Amy Pistone, and Ryan Stitt.

Season 2 guests include Jackie Murray, Emily Hauser, Ariane Schwartz, Sonya Wurster, Joel Christensen, Stamatia Dova, Rebecca Futo Kennedy, Lisl Walsh, and Donna Zuckerberg. Season 2 premiered in January of 2019. You can download and listen through the iTunes store here or listen at here.

The email account for the show is You can follow the show on Twitter @itinerapod.